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Spring Shoebox is April 16th… RSVP by 4/2 – Final Count 16!

March 5, 2011

ShoeBox is set for Saturday, April 16th. Can you make it?  If so, let me know, I'll send you the eVite Invitation. 

Before you wrinkle your brows together thinking about all the prep…  remember how many unique cards you'll come home with!  Your personal stash will hit the 'yeeahh status'.  If you measure the effort of making one projects vs. the effort of making 10-12 projects – this is a win situation!  Another thing – most stampers that attend one shoebox are anxiously awaiting the next shoebox. 

Here's my project.  Does it look familiar?  This is my Oregon Girlfriends Weekend Shoebox.  It's so beautiful.  Send me a jpg image (photo) of your project and I'll post it. 

 Jenny's project:

Jenny shoebox

Cheri's project:

Cheri's Card-1

Janet's project:

Janets shoebox

Linda's project:

Linda g sb project 1 
Linda g sb project 2 
Linda g sb project 3 

Girlfriends weekend away

Girlfriends weekend close blue

Girlfriends weekend close neutrals

Here's a few things you'll need to know about ShoeBox:

Preparation on your part:

1. Design your project.  (I'd LOVE to help you with this part… that's one of my favorite parts of being a demo…  Let me know and we can meet for coffee and get you on the right track.)

2. Cut materials for each stamper to make 4 cards (projects) from your box.  Example: if there are 10 stampers, prepare materials for 40 cards.  Watch the eVite for the stamper count.  NOTE (optional note): since you won't be making your own shoebox, you can deduct 1 from the total stamper count.

3. Pack your box (doesn't need to be a shoebox… any containerwill do) including paper (a bit extra in case of mess ups), stamp set, accessories, ink…

4. Bring a side dish to share.  We'll be making build your own pizza.  You can bring a pizza topping to share, or a side dish (breakfast food, appetizers, salands and desserts are needed). 

5. Arrive at 10a (you can arrive later, you'll just have less time to complete everyone's shoebox… or arrive as early as 9a, but I might be in the shower… still fine to get here early and get started).  If you plan to leave early, can we keep your shoebox until the girls have completed it, that would be appreciated.


Just Caz-If you'd like to come and work on your project, let me know rather than responding to the eVite.  I'll make sure to set a place for you. 

Pairs – (hum, I should be able to come up with a creative way to say this…) if you would like to share your box with another stamper (you both design, prepare materials and supplies), only ONE of you respond do the eVite AND let me know, I'll make sure to set a place for you both. 

Let me know if you have any questions.


Happy Stampin!


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