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Girlfriends Weekend in Oregon

March 20, 2011

Girlfriends weekend was wonderful!  We spent the entire time stampin – working on shoeboxes and our own projects.  Aunt Mary decided she'd make purses (or carriers for cards) for each of us!  Yeah Mary!  In advance of GirlFriends weekend, we purchased materials for these purses.  SO, while we were stamping, Mary was busy sewing and cutting.

Gf mary sowing

Sammy was just as happy as could be laying in his bed next to Mary.  Did you know that Sammy expects his bed to be moved to his 'choice area' every night and wants to be tucked in???  Really!  He wants his blanket over him. He sleeps with his blanket over him all night!

Gf sammy under table

Here's Janice hard at work:

Gf janice hard at work

Here's Nancy, Kathy and Michelle hard at work:

Gf michelle and nancy and kathy

Michelle and Francine very busy:

Gf michelle and francine

and Momma:

Gw momma stampin

Here's most of the tables/stampers with happy cherry faces on!

Gw girls at table stampin

Momma set up a table for The Big Shot and paper cutter.  Diane brought ALL her stamp pads (thanks Diane).  Notice there's a completed purse sitting on top of the ink pads?

Gw work table

Along the side of the room we set all the shoeboxes when they are not in use.  Right now, the shelf is a bit empty…

Gw shoebox staging

I was taking photos and caught a good … great one of Nancy and Kathy!  What a great photo, huh?

Gw nancy and kathy



Gw nancys hand gel closed

Gw nancys hand gel front

Here's Michelle's card… very cute use of that set, the rimmed tag, designer paper and the ribbon.

Gw michelles project


Gf janice project

Kathy's card…  this was so easy to make (maybe because Kathy did most of the prep work for us) and it's so elegant!  I can imagine this in all kinds of colors! Just gotta love that SAB Bliss set!  I think that set is my favorite SAB set!

Gw kathys project

Momma's card…  This is Emmi's favorite!

Gw mommas project

Francine's card…  HEY, I like this set!  I didn't by just viewing it in the catalog!  I used crystal effects on the cat tails and the flower.

Gw francines project

And nancy's card…  just love this one – wait till you see it in person.  What a balance of designer paper bordered by solids and great layout!

Gw nancys project shell

Okay – so Momma's chairs – yep, very comfortable BUT every time I stood up, I noticed a huge butt print on the velvet chair!  HUGE!  I guess 'stuff' spreads out when you sit down, but it was a HUGE print!  As I'd approach my chair, ready to get busy stampin 'achhhhkkkk'!  Actually, this has happened every year!  Well, I saw other stampers were greeted with that same image… they were not freaking out though.  So, about the 2nd day in, I squaked in dismay!  The girls knew exactly what I was talking about…  it was a nice laugh.  Anyhow, I decided Janice needed to be welcomed back to her chair with a happy face.

Gw happy chair

Aunti Mary went to church like she does every Sunday… isn't she cute?  As we all lounge around in jammies for days on end, she gets all cleaned up and goes to church.

Gw mary off to church

Here is Janice's completed purse… see Momma's purse in the background?

Gw purse

Here we all are, most of us with our completed purses. Aren't we a beautiful bunch of girls???


Diane & Jim had a hard trip up to Oregon!!!  They were faced by 'you need chains', snow, bad weather, then the chains kinda eatting their RV!!!  The left Sacto Thursday bright & early!  They arrived Friday late afternoon! They brought their doglets, Chloe and Feebie (hum, might have spelled that wrong).  The first visit to Momma's with the doglets was a bit different than this visit.  The first visit – we couldn't look at the girls or they'd bark.  We wouldn't even consider petting them.  The girls have grown up and I think Jim & Diane have taken the girls to social school.  They were so relaxed this visit.  Aren't they cute?  Here's Diane with both girls.

Diane and her doglets

Chloe, the little one, is Jim's girl!  Both doglets have their parent. They don't want to let a minute go by without being with 'their' parent. SO, Jim decided to take a shower… all of 10 minutes…  Chloe was a mess just not understanding why Jim would go to a different room and close the door without her!  She whimpered.  Diane held her.  She was just tolerating  Diane.  She wanted JIM!  Look at her little tongue …  it just kinda hangs out there…

Gw doglet tounge

Well, we had a wonderful time.


Happy Stampin!


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