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I’ve been mooned by Zindorf!

December 2, 2010

Should I just post the photos and let them do the talking? Do you know what I've been up to? 

February 2010, my dear friend Cheri asked me if I'd like to go to a Zindorf class on brayer-ing.  We were on the phone, so my fingers did some quick web-surfing to Zindorf (she thought I knew exactly what she was talking about!)…  I adore Cheri, so immediately said yes.  Then I found out the class was in November (gee wiz, that's a LONG time away!).  Then I found out how much it was (yeips)…  Okay, it was in Soledad too… that's a crazy 4 hour drive each direction!!!  Anyhow, I've have been looking forward to this girlfriend day (notice I'm still more on the wave of spending time with a fun friend, rather than the class…) more and more as the date nears…  Since I've said yes, I must admit, the Zindorf style is immediately recognized.  I appreciate her talent. The date was finally here…  it was Saturday!

Wow-eee!  The class was awesome.  Michelle Zindorf has refined her teaching skills to perfection.  She's wonderful.  The class was small.. about 12 of us…  The day was perfect!

Cheri and I commented that there are not classes available in the Northern CA area…  I took her next available date, January 2012!  So, mark your calendars… Zindorf will be coming to town and you are invited to also be "Mooned by Zindorf"!Cr mz

Jn mz 
Zindorf class 
Zindorf all 
Zindorf tree 
Zindorf pink 
Zindorf cliff 
Happy Stampin!



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