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The Double Trigger Challenge

September 28, 2010

Each month Tahoe Stampers have a Challenge… you've seen a few of them here on my website before.  This challenge is better to have you read in advance, rather than me trying to describe.  Here's the challenge:

  Trigger challenge_edited-1

At first, I had no idea where to go with this…  I took the path of sleeping on it a few days before really trying anything.  My issue was that the challenge seems very structured in one way, but again, very flexible because we were instructed to work with one of MANY elements of design. When I look at my final product – I like them, both are very on target for the Triggers, but I could have really gone in so many different directions with this challenge (on both cards).  The challenge didn't say anything about a Halloween theme or Fall theme…  (but that is what I had all over my desk when I started to work on the challenge).

SO, here are my results (I will start with Trigger 2 Challenge… caz I like Trigger 1 Challenge results best):

Trigger 2 away

Trigger 2 close

I used Baroque Motifs stamp set and shadowed the scroll.  I was hoping this will be similar to leaves.  The pumpkin was made from the die Ovals (we used this for the September projects – the green/brown card window).  I sponged them in pumpkin and cajun to give the pumpkin texture.  I was looking around for a leaf to add to the top of the pumpkin and decided to go with the Baroque Motifs scroll (it really brings the card together).. just a piece of the scroll.  The words are stamped and punched using Modern Label.  Notice how there's brown paper perfectly matching the punch?  I punched the stamped words out of white paper, then punched out a brown modern label.  I cut the brown modern label punch in half and added the pieces to the edges of the white word punched paper.  If you were to flip it over, you'd see a bit 'ole gap under.  Cute card (especially since you understand the challenge).

Trigger 1 Challenge:
As I look at my results now, I see I wasn't all that creative in taking this to a new place – but I like it!  I started by focusing on the moon.
My project would have a moon.  I punched a huge circle out of a sticky/post it.  I stuck the punched circle to my white card stock.  With that area protected, I got busy with my sponges: black, navy and concord.  Oh, I liked my moon.  Since the challenge had some gray clouds creeping across – I added a bit of gray with my sponge.  Okay, good from here.  Hey, there's that new bat punch – okay… just adding the bats make the card almost complete.  Right in front of me was the new stamp set (mini catalog) Dark & Dreary AND it had a fence!  OMG, talk about something being right under your nose (oh, we'll be using that set in October for our monthly projects).  Now the question is how to get that little gate/stamp on the project… it wasn't proportional.  Oh, that cool black raven lace… gotta use that (hum, it's girly… this is a spooky card???)  Okay, I've faced that challenge…  I love the Halloween colors.  (I'm not all that much of a Halloween person – other than the chocolate…  I don't like being cold, don't like being scared, don't like pumpkin slime, nor birds/bats – OR monkeys -different subject – don't like monsters that are unpredictable and ready to frighten…).  As I looked at this project – I really wanted a tree… a creepy tree.  All the trees I have don't cut it (Lovely as a tree – not, Trendy Trees – maybe in a cartoon, Branch out – possibly, but too short).  Guess what I did???  Sharpie marker & I got together.  As I was drawing the trunk, I thought I made a bad decision… it was bold/chunky/a mistake, but I found my sharpie has another side with a fine tip.  Yee haw, it's on now.  I colored around my white words, defined the trunk AND added spindly little branches that call out spooky/creepy…  What do you think?

Trigger both

Trigger 1 close top

Trigger 1 close bats

Trigger 1 close bottom

So, I've made 2 cards in 4 hours later, I'm happy…

Happy Stampin!



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