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July 20, 2010

Convention is almost here!   Wednesday, Momma & I will arrive in Salt Lake City for Convention!

Part of the joy of convention is swapping!  The minute I arrive at the airport, swappin is ON!  Standing in line to check in luggage, in line at Starbucks on my way to the gate, at the gate waiting to board the flight (keep in mind, the majority of this flight is full of stampers migrating to Convention – said with a peep of a squeal!), on the flight, at the SLC airport (big time here), the shuttle to the hotel…  The first evening is an event (hippie something – I’m supposed to find hip huggers and tie dye shirts) – it’s more a social event (for me, swappin). I could go on about all the other swappin places (like the restroom lines, restaurant lines, waiting at the stop lights, taxis…), but I think you have the picture. 

So, with all this swappin ahead of me, I guess I should get busy making card fronts (we make only card fronts – much lighter to carry… and that’s just what everyone does).  Here’s my swap (like at an ice cream shop):

Convention swap all
Convention swap close

I thought I should title this post plain & simple OCD… here’s why:

Convention swap table 2

Convention swap table 1

I’d like to say I’ll post while attending convention – but, well…  we play all day, then crash once we find our way back to our room, then start all over again.  Last year I brought a pedometer and between a bit of exercise in the morning and walking all day, we hit between 12K-15K steps per day. 

I can’t wait to share the exchanged swaps, stuff from Momento Mall, and the make & takes (and any exciting news… SU always releases some exciting news during convention).  

Chat with you soon!


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