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Glitter Project for ShoeBox

April 30, 2010

Plain and simple, Following My Heart project!!!

I held off on sharing this technique with everyone because of the amount of time it takes. I thought this would be perfect to share with everyone that attended ShoeBox on Saturday.  Here are the samples and directions:

a. I stamped on acetate with staz-on black. Let it dry for a few minutes…

b. Decided what color glitter would go where

c. Flipped the acetate upside down so ink is on scratch paper

d. Applied a thin, but solid amounts of glue (any glue that will dry clear) in the areas for my #1 color of glitter.

e. Dump off extra glitter into container.

f. Let glitter/glue dry (dry enough so it won't have any chance of dripping if you
flick the acetate). 

g. Once really dry, flick the acetate hard so alllll extra glitter is removed.

h. repeat step #d until stamped image is filled in/colored with glitter

i. Attached mini glue dots to the dried underside of the glitter and layered

It’s pretty, huh?

Wm glitter boq and hum_edited-1

Wm glitter boquet_edited-1

Wm glitter bordering elements and cake_edited-1

This one is my favorite!  The center of the white flowers have silver glitter on the back…  Oh, if you apply the glue and glitter and it runs outside the staz-on lines, there is a fix.  Let the project dry a bit… then push the glue/glitter back into place.  The timing is everything… you want the glue a bit firm, but not solid.  not too wet caz it will leave a trail and mess .

Wm glitter bordering elements_edited-1

Wm glitter bride and elements_edited-1

Okay, it's okay to have 2 favorites, right?  This is my favorite too… I love the dress with dazzling diamonds! 

Wm glitter bride_edited-1

Wm glitter elements blush_edited-1

This humming bird is for Kathy.  I brought the upcoming mini catalog to each of the monthly groups to share.  Kathy enjoys stampin and all the projects/stamp sets, but when she saw this set (with the humming bird), everything stopped.  She HAD (HAS) to have this set… because of the humming bird. 

I wanted to do something with the bird, I was afraid the glitter wouldn't show enough.  It does… understated elegance, huh? 

Oh, another tip/pointer on this project…  If you stamp the acetate with staz-on and the stamp is bold (or like the humming bird below) – if there's lots of ink on the rubber… DANGER…  smear, slide, yuck, smeared image.  Even on the large image above… I had to be careful.  Answer: ink up the stamp, lightly lay the stamp on the acetate (kinda sticky… the acetate will stick to the stamp when you lift it up), flip upside down so the acetate is on top, using your finger, rub the acetate into the ink on the stamp.  But, there's more… it will smear when you pick up one corner to raise the acetate… SO, pick up the acetate by 2 diagonal corners and lift as flat and non smeary way possible.  Gosh, this would be a good time to have 4 hands… oh well… 

Wm glitter hummingbird_edited-1

I'd love to see what you make.


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