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April Projects … “Two Step into Spring”

April 4, 2010

VSP Stampers – Theresa – Thursday, April 8th @ 5:15p

Ducks Stampers – Thursday, April 15th @ 4p

Folsom Stampers – Kathy – Friday, April 16th @ 6p – Round Table in Rancho Cordova

Friday Nite Stampers – Friday, April 23rd @ 6p (RSVP… new group, need minimum of 3 stampers)

SU gave us a bit of lead time of the spring promotion Two Step into Spring

They are previewing one of their new stamp sets Awash with Flowers during this promotion, as well as featuring a handful of two step stampin spring themed stamp sets.  The 3 projects we'll be making use promotion stamp sets.

Project #1 – Greenhouse Garden…  There are so many cute cards/great ideas using this set.  I wanted this card to look like a bouquet.  The white ribbon is a bit big, but it accomplishes the effect.  That ribbon kinda covers up the sentiment, but I try not to notice that minor design flaw.  The 2 step process is easy and the detail stamp (the one in black) makes all the difference.  The flower are alive. I couldn't decide what color flowers I liked best, so you will have your choice of any of these 3. 

Flowers all 3 

I used the majig to get the details stamp lined up…  isn't it cool?

Flowers ballet

At first this project didn't have bling.  I'll have you know, I try SO hard not to bling every single card I make….  Isn't it yummy?

Flowers lilac

The dimensionals create shadows under the cut flowers…  again, going for that bouquet look…

Flowers navy

Okay…  so this card is my ultimate challenge…  Bold Brights!  Not me… ! This stamp set…  Not me…  !  But, hey, I'm up for the challenge!  I saw a flower pot on someone's blog some time ago… I've been waiting for the right opportunity to make one.  This stamp set is playful and sloppy (did I say that???)… okay, casual…  I was hoping the flower pot (in it's perfection) would coral the flowers. 

I started out stamping ALL the flowers and options in the set.  I tried to squeeze and position them on the card and get the stems to line up…  Serious 'not in control' issues going on here… I almost scrapped it…  Once I limited the need to have at least one of each flower type on the card, the project became tolerable…  Is it my favorite… maybe not.  I'm sure YOU can come up with a great layout!  Show me! 

Clay pot double
Clay pot close up

Adding on the little message made me like the project… Gotta love that tag punch & set. 

Once I added the bling, yep…  I like it. 

Clay pot close up 2
Ahhh… saved the best for last…  I love this simple layout and the texture.


The texture on this card is texture up.  I made the lilac tree card with texture down (okay, by mistake).  Check out the difference sponging makes on the highlighted area. 

Tree cameo close up

I used the majig to position the tree trunk.  The close up above shows the trunk right where it belongs.

The close up below shows the trunk extended…  it looks like it has lower branches.  The pearl covers the hole in the tree (where the trunk should be). 

Tree lilac close up

I look forward to seeing you soon! 


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