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Birthday Calendar (4 of 4)

March 25, 2010


This is another one of my favorites!!!  I love how the little microbeads look like a slushy blended drink, or salt on the rim of the glass… OH, and crystal effects on the glasses… to make them look like shiny glass…  Oh my, love our hobby! 

Cal sep

Check out the salt shaker! 

Cal sep cu 1 

Cal sep cu 2

Cal sep cu 3

Cal sep cu 4

October – ahhh… it's okay… much better in person!  The 2nd close up is a bit better – shows more detail and subtle shading effects.  This 1st photo is a bit dramatic…

I used the white gel pen for details on the black stamps… really brings out the details.

Cal oct 

Cal oct cu 1 

November – loved the idea of this one… kinda disappointed… it will do…

Cal nov Cal nov cu

December – well, this is the ultimate flop!  I couldn't redo it…  I love the technique, but well, don't like the outcome here.  Oh well…

Cal dec

Cal dec cu 1
Closed calendar – not pretty!  BUT, it's awesome!  it's full of special cards for special friends & family.  In the first post I mentioned I had come up with a way to store my cards for that month's birthdays…  the next photo is my trick!

Cal closed

Envelopes stuck onto the backside of the stamped calendar.  Some months have 2 filled envelopes… other months have just one envelope.  Yep, it's ugly, but it works.  Oh, storing this thing…  again, ugly, but practical!

Cal opened 

So, this is my birthday calendar story.  If you can't tell, lot of love and effort went into the project.  I'm not in any hurry to make a new one…  I do think everyone needs one.  I do think it's an awesome gift…  I'd love to see yours!


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