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Birthday Calendar (2 of 4)

March 23, 2010

April is another one of my favorites…   This set is also retired… isn't it beautiful?  I love the 2 step stampin.  HEY, April is a 2 step into spring SU Promo month… we'll have to do something '2 step'.  Cal april
Here's a close up of the flowers.  Don't cha love the bling?  You should see it in person!

Cal april cu 1 

May… well, this is considered one of the flop months…  I couldn't really hit the delete key or backspace…  stamped and… well, disappointed… 

Cal may

June… Ah, love this one!  Okay, love the stamp set!  Maybe it's my blue flower freak fetish! 

Cal jun

yeah, the circle around the June is off centered…  Hey, it's all good!  (the wood kept hitting the spiral)

Cal jun cu 1

Cal jun cu 2


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