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Simply Adorned … SU’s jewelry line

February 14, 2010


I've had one of each size/style of SU's Simply Adorned pieces (charms and chains/bracelets) sitting on my library shelf for over a month.  I was hesitant to purchase (a bit pricey) because I'm not much of a jewelry wearer.  Would I use them??  Then I thought they'd be great for charm design of the month (like we made the b-day calendar… one page per month), but the release of the charms/chains were delayed… I was put off.  Long story short – I had them sitting there – I want to make something very special for the incredible friends that have helped me thru my Honey's new knee – I did it… I jumped in to make ONE. 

Below is a photo of my work area.

Making only one charm design didn't last long… one idea turned into 2 more ideas, that continued to snowball.  I SO needed this spurt of inspiration and crazy stampin.  Designing Stamp Camp projects seemed to be a challenge for me this go around.  Everything I made seemed inadequate for the event…  I was kinda mad at my stampin room…  happiness wasn't coming from that room like normal.  BUT, last night (and this morning), I was a crazed stamper – stuff/supplies flying, nothing being put away, I just pulled out more and more…  if the idea didn't work for the charm design I was working on, I knew it would work for the next design.  I had lots of 1/2 completed projects laying around… this one needs glitter, oh, this one needs bling… this one needs colored glitter, oh, pearls! Ya know the classic image of the mad scientist working feverishly in the lab, stuff spewing/bubblin and flying out the windows?  In a stampers world, I was there!

I did a bit of homework before jumping into these designs.  I heard stampers suggest using punches for the paper.  I heard about embellishments not fitting in the little frame (couldn't close).  Because of all that homework, I knew to stay away from those things.  Maybe that is why this project was so fulfilling…  I knew the pitfalls. 

I will bring the completed pieces to our monthly parties for you to see in person (they are 2 sided).  I will be gifting a few of these… I hope the recipients love them as much as I do.  

PS-if this jewelry line makes it into the new catalog, should we consider making a monthly design?  This would be in addition to the 3 cards.  Post a comment here if you are interested. 

Desk 1
Desk 2
Desk 3
What a mess! 

Happy Stampin!


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