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March Projects …

February 28, 2010

VSP Stampers – Alexa -Thursday, March 11th @ 5p

Ducks Stampers – Thursday, March 18th @ 4p

Folsom Stampers – Friday, March 19th @ 6p

4 Seasons Stampers – Tuesday, March 23rd @ 6p

This month's projects are all springy!  I was kinda on a punch roll… March can be considered punch month!  Each of the cards at LEAST 2 punches. 

I know we used this embosslit last month, but I love it!  Do you remember that shimmery paint (from the holiday mini catalog)… it comes in 3 tones?  This card is using the frost shimmery paint & dauber.  It' adds just the right touch of bling.  This project is so simple, but very nice… very light hearted. 


Blue butterflies
Pink butterflies

Bird punch…  I love the idea of this project… even had dreams about this project…  THEN, I made it and didn't like it at all!  I asked Emmi if I should just scratch it.  She said she really liked it.  I didn't know if she was being nice, or if she really did like it.  I brought it to Caryn in Tahoe Stampers last weekend and this was the project they remembered!  Because they liked it so much, I decided to keep it as a March project.  A few days later, I brought it to 4 Seasons Stampers and they also liked it (… okay, Carole was making wise cracks about one of the birdies).  Now that I've stepped away from this project for a few days, I have come around to appreciating it.  Oh, the bird punch we use is super cool… really like that!


Ahhh… my favorite!  Do you recognize the flower pot?  Upside down ornament punch from the Holiday mini catalog???  Pretty clever, huh?   I love the layout of this project. 

Easle project

I'm looking forward to our stampin date!

Happy Stampin,


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