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Waterfall Card for Oregon Shoebox in October

September 14, 2009

I love this card…  Should we make this card as one of next month's projects?  Let me know if you are up to the task, or it looks too hard!  (shh… it's not too bad…)

Waterfall card 1009 

When you pull the atrichoke ribbon, the panels flip under/around…  Gotta love movement cards. 

Early October the girlfriends and I are headed up to Momma's in Oregon.  Get this… we'll fly in and instead of getting our usual rental car, one of Momma's stampers, Kathy & her husband will be picking us up in their limo!!!  I am hoping Momma, Diane & Nancy will be hiding in the limo too.  Can't you already hear all the girl giggles!!????  They are kind enough to offer to bring us back to the airport. 

Notice how I'm not hinting toward my excitement of the WHOLE trip???  Oh, I can't wait.  Thursday thru Tuesday, full of non-stop stampin WITHOUT feeling like I really should …  (bla bla bla)…  I plan to bring only jammies and pearls!  Okay, perhaps a few pairs of heals.  Let me take you on a quick mental vacation…  roll out of bed at a comfortable time, grab the perfect cup of coffee (Coffee Mate here I come…  Donna & I love the flavors…), sit down at the stampin table in front of the best ever projects and try to wake up.  Before you know it, you're waking up and grabbing another cup of coffee and stampin with that caffinated jitter!  Bill loves to make his huge yummy breakfasts!  Maybe by noon, you might feel the need to shower – which we'll do at our leisure, but return back to jammies/or lounge clothes…  The projects are always incredible, the company is the best…  Bottom line: It's good to be ME!  Surrounded by the best girlfriends!  : ) 4+ straight days of this!  OMG! 

Big Smiles of anticipation!


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