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A Birthday Card or Two or (five)

September 29, 2009

I think each and every family has a month or two when there are LOTS of b-days (or events) to be celebrated.  They all seem to be bunched together.  This is one of my special/celebration annual seasons.  I have a handful of very close girlfriends that are celebrating their b-day (and brother Rob too). 

I made this card for 'the Dianes'.  Do they like orange???  I don't know.  Do I like orange, no.  BUT, I'm facing my fears and living on the dangerous side.  I love this layout and card!  As a gift, I've made a sample card, wrapped up the stamp set and wrapped up the materials for them to make 20 of this same card.  (I'd like to receive that as a gift!)  What do you think?

Hbday diane f

Hbday diane b

And, Beate!  My dear friend Beate!  I wanted to send her an orange card (since I was so pleased with them…) but decided to give her one of these cards instead… since it goes with her gift.  Beate has young kids in school and is surrounded by new babies, weddings, anniversaries, kid b-day parties.  I figured this would be a good fit for her.  The cards are SO simple, but much cuter in person! 

Cute as a bug beate

Love bugs beate 

there are little bits of glitter floating above their entangled antlers (okay, antenna)…  so cute!

Hbday beate butterflies

I think little Katie would love to help out making these cards for her friends! 



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