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Stamp Camp – Man Card

August 13, 2009

Janice & I gather months in advance of an upcoming event and bring all kinds of ideas, techniques, wishes to use this stamp set, this paper, these colors, definitely the Big Shot, etc. 

We both have sooo many great ideas.  When we get together to discuss, somehow we quickly and easily decide on the projects (or at least the colors and type of card).  Personally, I love this part of co-organizing an event like this. 

Last night I took the time to come up with one of the five projects… a MAN card.  These are hard to design.  Since we are women, and we follow our hearts when designing/making a card… making a masculine card is a challenge.  We knew the colors, we knew the stamp set, we knew the embellishments…  BUT who knew the final product.  I LOVE it!  What do you think? 

Sc 0809 man turtle copy SC 0809 man feather copy0809 SC man dragon copy Sc 0809 man eggs copy


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